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27 Jan 2010. Thika Municipal Stadium, Thika, Kenya
Exhibition on "Enhanced rabbit marketing for sustainable agribusiness and improved livelihoods"
Contact: rabbit4meat@yahoogroups.com
Person: Violet Gichia <vgichia@yahoo.co.uk> +254 721-660866

18th Dec. 2009. Nairobi: Jacky Foo (Globetree) receives the 2009 Africa Rural Connect Award from Molly Mattessich (National Peace Corps Association, USA)  for his winning project idea "Ndekero Challenge". The project idea was awarded 20,000 US$ which will be used on activities to increase income generation of families in the village of Ndekero and to connect families with rabbits to the market via the rabbit colony farm of the Nazareth Sisters of Annunciation (Meru, Kenya).
Photo by Ernesto G., Peace Corps Polyglot (The blog of the National Peace Corps Association).

03 Dec 2009: Project idea "Ndekero Challenge" wins the final round and Grand Prize of 20,000 US$ in the Africa Rural Connect Contest and 1st Prize of 3,000 US$ in Round 4.

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15 Sept-14 Oct. Public Discussion on a project proposal: "The Ndekero Challenge: A Systems Approach for Rabbit Keeping by a Rural Community in Partnership with a Commercial Rabbit Farm" with Jacky E.L. Foo (International Co-ordinator, Rabbit Network Kenya). Join: Internet Venue

2009: Internet Seminar/Workshop on tanning of rabbit hides (date to be announced later). Seminar provides info/discussion on methods to tan rabbit hides and enable participants to share their experiences, ideas for product development and marketing . To registration, enter your email address here.

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Please contact
: jacky.foo at gmail.com for more information
Jacky Foo, Globetree; Program Officer, Environment and Sustainable Development

Project sites "Ndekero" and "Marima" have been selected for production scale up in 2010 (pending funding). At each site, the objective is to produce 100 rabbits per month (using the colony method with open vegetated fenced enclosures). One acre is available for infrastructure and access to grass, weeds and crop residues (as primary rabbit feed).  The goal is to generate income and the profits will be used to help keep vulnerable children in school, to provide skills training and employment to parents who are unable to pay their children's school fees.
         Worldwide - about 60 percent of youth go to secondary school but in sub-Saharan Africa it is less than 30 percent. One billion people now live in Africa and growing by about 24 million every year. By 2050, there will be two billion people; of which 349 million are youths or 29 percent of the world's total.
        This project will serve as a model for free-range rabbit meat production and will contribute to integrated food production (using under-utilised resources, generating organic fertiliser, value-added products), skills training, school education and employment.

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  01-16 Aug 2009 : E-seminar on "Sharing experiences on raising rabbits in colonies"  with Alessandro Finzi, University of Tuscia, Italy. ......View messages (#01-#235), photos and files

06-30 April'09 : E-seminar on "Rabbit meat production in Cameroon" with Steven Lukefahr (U.S.A.) and Fotso J.M (Nigeria). .....View messages, photos and files

04 March 2009. Meeting of the Project Partners of the Rabbit Network Kenya and Launch of the Rabbit Houses at Ndekero and Marima. (Program)


PHOTO: Presentation of Projects by Project Partners and Associate Members of the Rabbit Network Kenya at Gitoro Conference Center (Meru).

Coffee/Tea Break

Lunch at Muthambi Girls High School, Marima



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