Rabbit-Fish Farm, Ndekero


Our Lady of Annunciation Primary School in Ndekero village has a capacity for 350 children but currently has only 200 students. Many villagers are unable to pay school fees and/or related schooling costs for their children. As a charity and private school, it gets no support from the Kenyan Government.

The purpose of the rabbit-fish farm is to generate a regular income. The farm and income will provide opportunities and development of activities that will lead to reduced school drop outs and increase enrolment at the primary school.

Schematic Diagram of the Proposed Rabbit Farm that is integrated with fish farming


2009 - test site

Jan-June 2010




Test site (27 m2) for 4 weaned rabbits in an open vegetated enclosure and a double fence of chick wire. 3 of 4 weaned rabbits were found dead one day. The cause was unknown. As there were no signs of physically injury, we ruled out the cause of predation by an animal. 


 Jan-June 2010
to develop a test module to produce 20 rabbits every month.


last update: 18 May 2010.